Cut, Color & Style


Cut, Color & Style Services

  • Hair Cut and Style $40 and up 
  • Color $60 and up
  • Highlights $80 and up
  • Kid's Cut $20 and up
  • Perms $75 and up   
  • Up-dos $45 and up 


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What our clients are saying


Kathy B. About 15 years ago I was looking for a talented artistic person to tackle my fine limp greying hair.  I had previously lived in Winston-Salem and had a wonderful hairdresser there in the 80s.  I was looking for someone to compare to that experience.  I read about Janice opening Salon Definitions in Morganton.  She is from PA and has been in the industry for years along with other family members.  She has also studied and even demonstrated her abilities with color at hair shows.  Well - I found what I was looking for.  I have brought many friends and family to her and will follow her to the ends of the earth if she ever moves.  There are no limits to her color expertise!!  Enjoy!!!

Lisa M.

I was referred here by a colleague and very pleased with my experience.   I stopped by one afternoon to schedule a hair cut and eyebrow wax and  Janice was able to get an appointment the next day during my lunch hour.   She was fast and efficient but also took time with me to see what I  wanted to make sure my cut was right.  I love the haircut and style and  immediately received great feedback from others.  Janice will be my new  go-to person for haircuts. 

Mary W.

My husband and I just moved to Morganton and we're both shopping for a  salon. We discovered this place and couldn't be happier!  He gets hair  cut - along with beard trim and eyebrows done. I got haircut, gel  manicure and went back again today for another manicure and pedicure. I  couldn't. Be happier!  Jessica is wonderful! 

Chelsea R.

 Janice has been doing my hair for years and always does an AMAZINGLY job! Won't go anywhere else! 

Cut, Color & Styling FAQs


What’s the best way to find a new hairstylist, when I relocate?

Approach someone whose hairstyle you like, preferably with hair similar to yours. Ask for a referral. They’ll appreciate the compliment, and their stylist will be thrilled.  

Do hairstylists like it when I bring in a photo of a hairstyle I want?

Yes! Photos are a great way to show your stylist the look you are after and help with the consultation process.

I’ve been told I have a square shaped face. What hairstyle should I wear?

Really? Rules, rules, rules. There are so many “shoulds” out there. The “right” color; the “right” shape; the “right” length, … What you want to achieve is balance. Some hairstyles will definitely look better than others, just like some clothing is more flattering, but you should like your look, whether or not it adheres to a prescribed style. Your hair is a reflection of your personality, your age, your health, and your genetics. A strong angled jawline may be an amazingly attractive feature on you, and if you follow the “rules”, you will play it down, losing the impact of your unique look. Much of styling is using common sense. If your face shape is long and narrow, and you have an incredibly swan like neck, your appearance will be more balanced with fullness at the sides of your face, instead of on top of your head. But you know that. When you look into the mirror, and you like what you see, does it really matter what the magazines or the “pros” tell you. And what if you ask, and someone says, “Oh yes. This is THE style for you.”? Are you really going to wear that one style for the rest of your life? Your face shape isn’t going to change. A stylist’s job is to help you make decisions about your hair. And, yes, we might know a few tricks, or have some suggestions, that you haven’t considered. A great tool for finding a hairstyle that suits you is to look in magazines, or online, for someone with similar hair and a similar face shape. If you like how it looks on them, you might want to try it yourself – for awhile.