Janice is a  “Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional”

Janice is a  “Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional”

Permanent Make-Up FAQ

Q.    How safe is permanent makeup? 

 A.    When permanent makeup is done under proper conditions, there are no opportunities for disease transmission according to the Center for Disease Control.  Permanent makeup is very safe.  

Q.    Can the lips, brows and eyeliner procedures be done on the same day and are there touch ups?

A.    Yes, there is usually no problem having as many procedures as you like done at the same sitting. This can actually be beneficial because you can have any touch ups that you may need done at the same time. Touch ups are usually done within a month after the procedure has been done. 

Q.    How safe is permanent makeup?

A.    When permanent makeup is done under proper conditions, there are no opportunities for disease transmission according to the Center for Disease Control.  Permanent makeup is very safe. 

Q.    Will permanent makeup fade over time and when should the color be freshened up?

A.     Yes, permanent makeup does fade over time.  Most people will need to have their permanent makeup freshened up at some point, which is usually from one to five years. 

Q.    Are the procedures painful?

A.    Everyone is different in their tolerance and sensitivity.  A topical-numbing solution is used to help numb the area that  will be worked on before starting the procedure. Reapplying the numbing topical is usually permitted during the procedure. 

Q.     Can permanent makeup ever look smudged after a period of time?

A.    Permanent makeup does not look smudged over a period of time.  One of the reasons permanent makeup is so popular is because it does keep its color and shape and can even last for years.  That is why women who have had permanent makeup procedures always say they wouldn’t trade their permanent makeup for anything. 

Q.    Do people ever have an allergic reaction to permanent makeup? 

A.    The chances of developing an allergic reaction to pigments is extremely remote.  Less than 1% in over 100,000 permanent cosmetic procedures resulted in an allergic reaction, according to “Micro Pigmentation, State of the Art” by Charles S. Zwerling, M.D. 

Q.    How do you select the colors?

A.    Colors are usually selected by a client requesting a certain color for the particular procedure that is being performed.  Also, you may consider what your permanent makeup technician may advise on what color they feel will look best with your skin tone and hair coloring. 

Q.    What is a good age to have permanent makeup procedures done?

A.    It is never too late or too early to enjoy permanent makeup.   Whatever your age or gender, permanent makeup can eliminate that dreaded washed out look we all hate.  Men and Womern at any age you will wonder how you were ever able to get along without permanent makeup before. 

Q.    Will permanent makeup still look good as you get older and the skin changes?

A.    As long as you look good with makeup, you will look good with permanent makeup. There is really no age where you have to stop using makeup because of the skin aging.  If you’re concerned the permanent makeup may look a little too dark on you in the future don’t worry.  Remember, permanent makeup will get lighter with time. 

Q.    What is involved in the aftercare and long-term care for permanent makeup procedures?

A.    Aftercare is keeping it dry and using ointment during healing process sparingly.  Generally, the long-term care for any ot the procedures is to use a good sunscreen daily and be careful with the beaching  and any exfoliating creams; just try to keep it away from your permanent makeup as much as possible. 

Q.    Are there consent forms or medical forms to fill out?

A.    Yes. All consent and medical forms must be completely filled out before your actual procedure. You can obtain the necessary forms via fax or email. At the bottom of the Services page you will find a Pre-Procedure Information Form. Please contact us to request the forms to be sent to you.  


"I  have stopped using any lipstick since my lips have had permanent   makeup applied to them five years ago. I just use a lip gloss to give a   nice sheen to my lips."

"Absolutely love my permanent eye liner.  I get so many compliments.  Janice does great work!"

"Love my permanent eyeliner  Thanks Janice"

"I love the eye liner and brows   Janice did for me."

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